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Unlock Opportunities

Invest in Patients

The key to unlocking new opportunities in your practice – Invest in Patients! With PatientFi, you will convert more patients and generate more income. Start today and reduce your dependence on “Big Banks”. Stop paying costly merchant fees. Avoid predatory ”promo” financing practices. Help patients identify affordable, "budget-friendly" payment options. Patients are loyal to those who help them achieve their goals. In return, patients are excited to refer their friends and family.


Convert More Patients

Patients want to say “Yes”.  Help patients overcome the stress of affordability.  Capture lost revenue and give your patients a personalized offer that fits their budget.


Reduce Fees

Stop paying costly merchant fees.  Avoid predatory financing practices popular with “Big Banks”.  Reduce your dependence and help patients identify their best options. 


Increase Patient Loyalty

Keep your patient relationships active and loyal.  Help patients achieve their goals – resulting in high satisfaction and willingness to refer.  Happy Patients, Happy Practice!

Next Generation Financing Platform

Designed By Nation’s Leading Doctors

Proprietary, Cloud-Based Loan Management Software

Fully-customized lending software platform that manages every step from origination and servicing to collections.

Mobile-Enabled Platform

Patients and healthcare providers can access platform from any device and effectively manage the loan process.

Expert Credit Decisioning Engine

Advanced credit decisioning that instantly analyzes hundreds of financial variables beyond FICO scores to gather a fair and transparent profile of patient’s credit, employment and banking information while balancing their monthly budget affordability.

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